Rule-based technologies used to be hard to build, slow, and expensive to deploy.
EZ-Xpert 3.0 changes all of that!

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EZ-Xpert 3.0 is a revolutionary approach to developing rule-based systems that features fast development, extraordinary speed – testing up to 20,000 rules per second – the highest accuracy, and implementations which run without an inference engine. The Integrated Development Environment automates much of the development process, allowing typical users to create a complete, running 500 rule system in a day without assistance from IT or a Knowledge Engineer. The user does not write any code, as EZ-Xpert generates complete, ready to compile applications in C++ for Windows and Visual Basic. EZ-Xpert saves you time and money from development through implementation.



EZ Development : EZ-Xpert is easy to learn and offers a menu-driven, fill-in-the-blank interface with extensive Wizard support. It also offers a Debugger that analyses the state of the system and presents an ordered list of tasks that need attention, leading the user through the building of the system. EZ-Xpert does the hard work - extensive internal testing, simplification, conflict resolution, and code generation - algorithmically.

Warp Speed:
EZ-Xpert performs conflict resolution during development, so it can generate procedural code in the most common development languages – C++ for Windows and Visual Basic. (C++ for Unix, C++ for Linux, and Java are in development). There is no inference engine in the generated code. EZ-Xpert implementations can test over 20,000 rules per second on a PC. Using EZ-Xpert, you can run your applications on a PC instead of a minicomputer!

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Xpert Accuracy:
EZ-Xpert automatically verifies the system for 23 verification criteria - such as completeness, subsumption and confliction - as it is being constructed, ensuring the highest levels of accuracy. EZ-Xpert verifies the system, so you don't have to, minimizing testing time and cost.


EZ Deployment: EZ-Xpert-generated code becomes a part of your application. You can distribute the generated code freely, and you don’t have to license, support, implement, or learn the language for an inference engine.

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