Download Samples


This page contains four samples which you may download to your computer and freely distribute. The applications run in Windows. The Explanation facility in EZ-Xpert contains a consultation timer. The files are zipped, so double-click on the filename to extract them to a folder and run the file from that folder. You may need to download the supplemental DLLs ( check your Windows/System32 folder for MFC42D.dll, MFCN42D.dll, MFCO42.D.dll, MSVCP60D.dll, and MSVCRTD.dll) to run the application.


Each zip file contains the executable file, a ReadMe file, and a copy of the rule base. Sample Fact Files are included with the Chess samples.



Chess648 The Chess648 sample is useful for measuring execution speed. Chess648 contains 648 rules containing 7 conditions each for a total of 4,536 conditions. Two fact files are included. Rule1of648 fires the first rule out of 648, while Rule648 fires rule number 648. To determine the number of rules tested per second, divide the execution time (in the Explanation) by the number of rules. For example, an execution of Rule648 in .031 seconds means that rules are being tested at a rate of over 20,000 rules per second. Rule1of648 represents the time necessary for overhead and firing one rule.


Chess1296 The Chess1296 rule base is two copies of the Chess648 rule base with a unique last rule.

Note that the rule testing speed remains constant, indicating a linear response to increasing problem size. If the problem was 10 times as large, it would take 10 times as long to test. With other technologies, it would take 100 to 1,000 times as long to test the larger system.


Chess11   The Chess11 sample shows the effect of logical simplification on performance. In this sample, the 648 rule Chess648 sample file containing 4,536 conditions was simplified to 11 rules containing 32 conditions while retaining the same truths as the original rule set. Rule1of11 and Rule11 Fact files are included. To determine the effect of simplification on computational efficiency, compare the timings from the last rule in Chess648 and Chess11.


Cardiac  The Cardiac sample file is a prototype for determining a patients cardiac condition and determining the appropriate treatment. It contains 97 rules with 180 conditions.


Job  The Job sample file is developed in the EZ-Xpert Tutorial. It is useful for testing inference strategies and non-monotonic reasoning. This project can be used to demonstrate the backward chaining component of EZ-Xpert, the 3rd Generation Inference Engine (3GIE).