EZ-Xpert saves you time and money at every step of the life cycle. Compare the costs of implementing a 500 rule system with the traditional approach and the EZ-Xpert approach.
Knowledge Engineer fees: $2500 per day
Rules per day: 10
Expert salary: $400 per day – $100,000 a year

EZ-Xpert Development Approach: The Expert learns EZ-Xpert in 4 hours. The Expert completes the implementation in 12 additional hours.
Salaries:  $800
Time: 2 days

Traditional Development Approach: At a rate of 10 rules per day, the Knowledge Engineer will require 50 days to implement the system. The Expert will typically lose 10 days of productivity.
Salaries: $129,000
Time: 2 months

Implementation savings:  EZ-Xpert implementations run hundreds of times faster than inference engines. You may be able to save $100,000 by implementing on a PC instead of a mini-computer!

Inference Engine Savings: Many industrial strength inference engines cost from $10,000 to $35,000 per CPU.  With EZ-Xpert, there is no inference engine to purchase, license, learn, and support.

Maintenance: When the system needs updating, the Expert can make the changes in EZ-Xpert and generate a new executable in minutes. In the traditional approach, the Knowledge Engineer must acquire the new knowledge, code it, and verify it. Hopefully, the original knowledge engineer is available.

Life Cycle Cost Comparison




Inference Engines




Development Time

2 days

2 months

Inference Engine Cost


$10,000 to $35,000 per CPU

Potential Implementation Costs